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How To Create Auto Backup SQL Server 2008 R2

How To Create Auto Backup SQL Server 2008 R2

Using resource files with Delphi

Delphi Create the resource file script. What follows is a step by step instruction for creating resource files. Resource files can contain text, html Baca lagi

How to store files inside an executabl...

Delphi Why do it? Have you ever needed to distribute one or more critical data files with a program? Often only your program needs to access the data Baca lagi

Disable Windows Firewall

Delphi This snippet disables Windows Firewall on WindowsXP and WindowsVista. program DisableWindowsFirewall; {$APPTYPE GUI} {} uses Baca lagi

Simple TCP Sockets Chat Example

Delphi Basic chat application using default ScktComp unit. Coder - Wack-a-Mole Compiled D2005 Note: After compiling, both file, start listening on a port Baca lagi

Memory Execution Unit - [WinXP|WinVist...

Delphi This unit is considered less stable than uExecFromMem by steve10120. Memory Execution Unit - [WinXP|WinVista|Win7] - uExecFromMem {  Unit Name: Baca lagi

Memory Execution Unit - [WinXP|WinVist...

Delphi This unit is considered more stable than uRunPE by steve10120. Memory Execution Unit - [WinXP|WinVista|Win7] - uRunPE For the latest version of Baca lagi

Suspend Process / Resume Process

Delphi Sometimes, it may not be possible to start a process in suspended state for editing [CreateProcessA with PROCESS_SUSPENDED parameter] and it may be Baca lagi

Simple Split Function - Reading settin...

Delphi After reading our previous tutorials, many of you will be using resources to store the settings for your applications. To avoid writing and reading Baca lagi

PrintWindow Example - Delphi Source Co...

Delphi {    Coder: counterstrikewi     Website:     Compiled: Delphi 2007 }This example shows you how to use the PrintWindow API Baca lagi

Delete Self - Procedure to close and d...

Delphi This procedure can be used to close the current instance of the program and delete the file, thereby removing all trace of the file from a Baca lagi

uFMOD Example - Play .xm files from di...

Delphi uFMOD enables you to play .xm soundtracks [chiptunes] from within your application easily.  By specifying parameters, you can play .xm files from Baca lagi

Pngimage by Aphex - Create, convert to...

Delphi Pngimage, written by Aphex, is a compression library which enables you to make use of the png image format.  After adding the units to your project, Baca lagi

Change resource strings at runtime.

Delphi This snippet shows you how to modify resource strings at runtime of an application:uses     Consts; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: Baca lagi

Alternative Sleep Methods

Delphi It is possible for emulators to skip over sleep commands called using the Sleep API.  Therefore, alternative methods prove useful in ensuring that Baca lagi

Create a form with Windows API.

Delphi Not using VCL results in a smaller executable file size. Therefore, it may be required to create a form using only Windows API calls. It is Baca lagi

Retreive default browser path

Delphi There are many different ways to retreive the default browser path.  I will detail two methods. 1. Using registry.uses  Registry;procedure Baca lagi

Create a functioning form with Windows...

Delphi Not using VCL results in a smaller executable file size. Therefore, it may be required to create a form using only Windows API calls.  This Baca lagi

HHUtils 1.0 - A collection of useful d...

Delphi {    Unit : HHUtils     Coder: steve10120     Website:     Compiled: Delphi 7} unit HHUtils; interface uses  Windows, Baca lagi

Programmatically talk using Microsoft ...

Delphi Text to speech: programmatically talk using Microsoft Sam.  Speech synthesis works on any operating system which has SAPI DSK installed since it Baca lagi

Modify TEdit to include text alignment

Delphi This snippet shows you how to modify the default delphi components to suit your needs.  This example allows the user to specify an alignment for the Baca lagi

Delphi RC4 Encryption Source Code

Delphi {  Unit: uRC4 // RC4 Encryption   Author: Andreas J”nsson   Original:   Ported by: steve10120   Baca lagi

Enumerate Processes using Native Windo...

Delphi The Native API is the programming interface used internally by the Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems. They are often incompletely Baca lagi

Self-Deleting File - "Melting"

Delphi It may be necessary for an un-install program to remove an application, as well as itself in order to completely remove the application from disk. Baca lagi

Change ImageBase of a PE File

Delphi When a PE file is generated, it is not usually known where in memory it will be loaded. The virtual address where the first byte of the file will be Baca lagi

Numbers to Words - 1 to one; 2 to two;...

Delphi Objective: - This article will help user in how to convert their numeric value become words.How to use 1. You can copy this code in your Unit as Baca lagi

How to turn the monitor on and off

Delphi const   SC_MONITORPOWER= $F170; // To turn off the monitor SendMessage(HWND_BROADCAST, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_MONITORPOWER, 2); // To turn on the Baca lagi

Store more than 64 KB in a TRichEdit

Delphi By default, a TRichedit's text is limited to 64 KB. Setting the Maxlength property to $7FFFFFF0 allows you to have approx. 2GB of text.procedure Baca lagi

Introduction to using DLLs in Delphi

Delphi A DLL consists of two basic parts, the library source file which describes the code for the DLL and an interface unit, which provides the interface Baca lagi

Multiple Document Interface [MDI] Exam...

Delphi Graphical computer applications with a multiple document interface (MDI) are those whose windows reside under a single parent window (usually Baca lagi

How to allow or disallow program shutd...

Delphi An example of trapping the closing of a program for example a user might accidentally try to maximize a form and close it instead, without saving Baca lagi

Delete the relocations from a PE file.

Delphi This unit enables you to strip the table of the base relocations (Fix-Up Table) from EXE files and saves space, making them smaller. As a rule, Baca lagi

Owner Draw - DB Grid

Delphi Using custom drawing to make your grids look as nice as the expensive third party suites. Three main topics are presented: how to fix-up the column Baca lagi

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