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Freebie: Travel and Ecology Icon Se...

a transportation, travel and ecology themed icon set by round icons with 50 free icons in ai, svg, psd and png format. freebie: travel and ecology ic

The 6 Best Python IDE Solutions for...

you can look at it from many points of view, but having a good code editor (integrated development environment) can really change the pace of your pro

Entropizer : jQuery Password streng...

jquery entropizer is a simple, lightweight jquery plugin that uses the entropizer engine to calculate password entropy. it-s easy to set up and provid

Ultimate jQuery Sliders Bundle – ...

it contains all types of sliders/banners, from banner rotator, zoom in/out effect slider, parallax slider, carousel, sidebar banners and full screen b

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Compress Image Size Using PHP

PHP Compress image with extention JPG,GIF,PNG using PHP to increase web speed Readmore

Get Public IP Address

PHP this script to get public ip address: However, sometimes this does not return the correct IP address of the visitor, so we can use some other server Readmore

Getting Country Name From Ip Address U...

PHP Simple way to get country name from IP Readmore

Redirect URL with Send POST Data

PHP For some condition if you want to redirect to URL but send post data to redirected URL, in php can describe in simple function creation     in Readmore

Get Header Value Using PHP

PHP First browser request to a web page, browser send a http header in background like this : Host: localhostConnection: keep-aliveUser-Agent: Readmore

Only Input Number in HTML Input Elemen...

Javascript This code use for Input element of HTML only number insert.   Javascript :   function OnlyNumber(pasarkode) { var Readmore

Best PHP Frameworks for 2014

PHP The end of the year is upon us. Lots has changed in the PHP world in the past 365 days, and the PHP framework scene is more densely populated Readmore

JavaScript Kit Encrypted Password Gene...

Javascript JavaScript may not be the best way to password-protect a webpage, but for those who do not have access to a CGI-BIN, it may very well be the Readmore

How to write a BlackBerry application ...

Blackberry How to write your second BlackBerry application – Lesson 2: Mail API, Invoke API, Menu In the first tutorial you learned how to set up the Readmore

How to write your first BlackBerry app...

Blackberry This article is the first in a series of articles about BlackBerry development. With App World, third party software vendors and the web, there Readmore

Mysql Response too slow accessed from ...

MySQL Is your MySQL really slow without actually being too busy?Does your scripts take very long time to connect to the database?Do you have lots of RAM, Readmore

Apache setting for CodeIgniter when up...

htaccess Use this command : RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/system.* RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [NC,L,QSA] RewriteCond Readmore

Ajax load content

Javascript function loadMoreCategory(ctid, page, listData, a, btnMore, textFree, textButton, Readmore

Import Large Database File Size

MySQL Edit your php.ini or .htaccess with code below   php_value upload_max_filesize 120M //file size php_value post_max_size 120M php_value Readmore

Change Number To Rupiah Format (Indone...

Javascript Example Number is 1234567, ti will be change to Rp. 1.234.567,00 syntax : function ChangeToRupiah(angka){ var rev = parseInt(angka, Readmore

Javascript Get Only Number and Get Onl...

Javascript This the function for get String type from a string var angka=data.replace(/[^0-9]+/g, "");   This for get only Number var huruf = Readmore

Create Random Code

PHP this source code   function generateConfirmCode($length) { //random by number and alphabet rand ((double) microtime() * 10000000); Readmore

Say Love By VB.Net

VB.NET Module SayLoveSub main()Dim rows, point, limit As IntegerDim love, love1, color As StringDim counter As Integer = 20Dim repeat As String = "Y"Dim Readmore

Search Data Array (Static)

VB.NET Module SearchArray_Static Sub main() Dim test(,), count As String Dim j As Integer Dim average, midtest, endtest As Readmore

List Data Student By Array Multidimens...

VB.NET Modul ListDataStudent Sub main() Dim Student(,), age, gender, count As String Dim colmn As Integer colmn = 3 Readmore

Find The Maximun, Minimum and Average ...

VB.NET Modul Array Sub Main() Dim a() As Integer Dim i, index, max1, min1 As Integer Dim b As Double Dim temp As Readmore

Know the number of odd or even !

VB.NET   Module Number Sub main() Dim Num As Integer Console.Write(" Input the Number = ") Num= Readmore

Check two files are equal

Delphi Source one   function Are2FilesEqual(const File1, File2: TFileName): Boolean; var ms1, ms2: TMemoryStream; begin Result := False; ms1 Readmore

Coloring Cells in a DBGrid

Delphi It's much easier to give color to DBGrids. Here you have to use the "OnDrawColumnCell"-Event. The following example is coloring the Cells of Column Readmore

Coloring Cells in a StringGrid

Delphi The Source Code procedure TForm1.StringGrid1DrawCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; Rect: TRect; State: TGridDrawState); Const Readmore

Disable the Close X button on a Form

Delphi Source code for hide close button from a from procedure TFMain.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); var hMenuHandle: Integer; begin hMenuHandle := Readmore

Chart Line Using Morris

Javascript   create a cart line using morris, this source : Morris.Line({ element: 'morris-chart-area', data: [ { y: '2006', a: 100, b: 90 Readmore

PHP vulnerability Scan Script

PHP this script can scan your website from vulnerablity script danger.   Check Vurnerable Script - Pasar Kode Check Vurnerable Readmore

Fixed Header Menu CSS

CSS this source for fixed menu like on above #headerfixed { width: 100%; height: 25px !important; position: fixed; Readmore

Edit Value In Same Page

PHP   This source file for sample Database table CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mikir` ( `id_mikir` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `mikir` Readmore

Displaying Indonesian Day of Week

Delphi Eg, displaying like this : "Tanggal 25/11/2006 adalah hari Sabtu" (in English: Day of week of 25/11/2006 is Saturday), this You can use combination Readmore

highlight HTML Tags in TRichEdit

Delphi This sample code to highlight HTML tags in TRichEdit     procedure HTMLSyntax(RichEdit: TRichEdit; TextCol, TagCol, DopCol: TColor); var Readmore

Treed : Powerful JavaScript Tree Ed...

treed wants to be for tree editing what ace is for text editing. extensible, customizible, powerful, and just plain easy to use. treed is constructed

3 Content Management Systems for No...

you can rest assured that there are at least over a thousand different content management systems available, and 90% of them are probably written in p

Youtubars : Youtube user feed with ...

display youtube user feed with jquery and handlebars template.the post youtubars : youtube user feed with jquery - handlebars template appeared first

jQuery Seat Charts...

jquery seat charts (jsc) is a full-blown seat map library. it will generate an accessible map, legend, handle mouse - keyboard events and finally give

jQuery Progress Timer for Bootstrap...

jquery progress timer is a jquery extension that extends the functionality of the bootstrap progress bar.the post jquery progress timer for bootstrap

jQuery Circle Animated Progress Bar...

jquery plugin to draw animated circular progress bars.the post jquery circle animated progress bars appeared first on jquery rain.

jQuery Slide Gallery...

welcome in the modern browser your pictures and videos. i worked on the project two weeks for create it. i have the pleasure to present you the effect

Gridform : jQuery Plugin for Creati...

jquery-plugin for creating complex forms (table-based) with usage of bootstrap and (optional) font-awesome. display a bunch of form elements in a (som

Wall Script 7 The Social Network Cl...

an insult made me to build the wall script a social network script built in php, jquery, oembed, oauth and mysql, now my life has been changed complet

6 Email Marketing Lessons for Small...

email marketing has moved from being the new kid on the block, to being one of the most popular marketing channels today. gmail took it one step furth

Best Tools to Improve Your English ...

the ability to express yourself through written communication can lead to improved grades, better job opportunities, and improvement of your overall c

Subscribe Better : jQuery Subscript...

create a better, highly customizable subscription modal or newsletter signup window with jquery subscribe better.the post subscribe better : jquery su

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